2022/23 Winter Term Registration

Thu, 29 Sep 2022

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    2022/23 Season Fees

    Each annual season will be composed of two terms at the following cost. You can subcribe to either or both terms.

    Termly Fee (due September 29th 2022 for the Winter Term 2022, and April 27th 2023 for the Summer Term):
    Each term will cost £70 for new members, or £60 for returning members, and is due on the first rehearsal of the term. 

    Students will receive a 50% reduction in fees. 

    We encourage members to pay fees early to help with Orchestra budgeting and planning by offering an 'Early Bird' discount, which is valid 30 days before the first rehearsal of a term. 

    Termly Early-Bird Fees (due September 1st for the Winter Term 2022, and April 1st 2023 for the Summer Term)):
    Each term will cost £60 for new members, or £50 for returning members. 

    Fees are made payable by card/apple pay/google pay by booking a 'ticket' to the Term on this page. (This was the most effective way to process card payments on the website!)

    Due to credit card processing fees, payment is preferred via bank transfer - details distributed at request.

    The £10 surcharge for new members covers the cost of the embroidered polo shirt for performances. 

    Further information:
    We accept new members before each term starts. The first thing to do is register your interest by completing the 'get involved' form, which is here. This gives us all of the information we need to get the ball rolling, and includes the membership agreement and safeguarding policy, which you must complete. 

    We prefer to accept new members before each term only...but get in touch and we'll see what we can do. 

    Each term will have a concert promoted by the Orchestra, as well as up to two other smaller-scale performances. A season overview is produced with more concrete information. 

    Any further questions can be directed to Seb: director@coventryorchestra.co.uk