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We are extrodinarily grateful that this project has been entierly sponsored by the Coventry Central Hall's Artists in Residence scheme, from incepiton until our final 'Celebration Concert'. The Artists in Residence scheme is Funded by Coventry and Nuneaton Methodist Circuit and  supported by Mthodist Church at Coventry Centrall Hall.

The Artists in Residence Scheme's aims to make the Arts accsessible to all: - 

  • By hosting art events that celebrate the cultural diversity of our City,
  • By celebrating Methodist faith and culture through the arts,
  • By creating a legacy beyond 2021 that will continue to nurture and grow the arts in our City.
At the moment there is no funding or plan to continue this group past then. Our hope is that having done the hard work in starting a new orchestra, funding will later become available and the orchestra will continue, but our focus at the moment is the Celebration Concert. If you think you can help us with this, please get in touch.

For full details please contact Seb director@coventryorchestra.co.uk

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