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There are a few different ways that you could be a part of this project detailed below. Find one (or some!) which fit. 

Repertoire development

What music should we perform? We are very keen to include both performers and music of diversity that an orchestra wouldn’t normally include. Coventry is a city which represents many cultures, and this concert must reflect that. This doesn't need to be limited to music which already exists - for example we could perform 'Drive My Car' to represent our car industry.

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I'd like to join the orchestra 

Fantastic! You're in for a great ride. If you'd like to sign up, don't delay, as we'll be arranging the music for the musicians we have. I promise, you just have to give us a few pieces of information such as instrument etc. We won't ask for an audition! 

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I'd like to join the festival chorus

Supporting the orchestra will be a large festival chorus made from local choirs and singers. More information is here. 

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I'm responsible for leading/managing a smaller group 

Supporting cultural diversity in our city, we'd love to include some smaller groups who wouldn't normally be able to perform on this scale. If this is you, then please get in touch with Seb or leave us your details using this form. 

I'm an up-and-coming composer

We are going to be running a composition competition, with the winner being awarded £1500 in the open category, and £500 in the youth category. Both compositions will be premiered at our Celebration Concert. More information is here. 

If you are a composer and would like to be on our mailing list when we officially launch the competition, please sign up via this form. 

orchestra Rehearsal details

Our weekly rehearsals will be at Coventry Central Hall on Thursday evenings between September 2021 and our final concert 2022. 

This project as a whole has kindly been funded by the Coventry Central Hall's 'Artist in Residence' programme, celebrating our City of Culture. At the moment there is no funding or plan to continue this group past then, so this is your chance to be a part of something unique! This being said, our hope is that having done the hard work in starting a new orchestra, funding will later become available and the orchestra will continue, but our focus at the moment is the Celebration Concert. 

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